How Long Are the Terms on a Business Loan?

When it comes to business loans, it's important to consider all aspects of the loan, especially the terms of the business loan. Long-term business loans typically have repayment terms that range from three to 10 years, while short-term commercial loans typically have repayment terms of one year or less. Not all applicants will qualify for larger loan amounts or the most favorable loan terms. Loan approval and actual loan terms depend on the ability to meet underwriting requirements, which will vary from lender to lender.

Term loans can be short-, medium- or long-term. Short-term loans are usually repaid within 3 to 18 months, while medium-term loans can be repaid in 1 to 5 years and longer-term loans with banks are usually extended to 7 years, even up to 10 years in some cases. When a company is ready to make a significant investment in future growth, long-term business loans are a common way to boost that progress. Term loans allow companies to face large disbursements by paying little by little over time.

This may include the purchase of new manufacturing equipment or the remodeling of facilities. Without a term loan, many companies would not be able to take the important step from focusing financially on short-term survival to planning for long-term growth. Typical small business loans can vary dramatically, with some amounts exceeding one million dollars and others as small as thousands. The terms range from a few months to 25 years.

Business loan terms vary depending on the type of loan secured, the exact amount borrowed, the borrower's financial history, and the lender chosen. A small business loan that typically lasts three to 10 years is called a long-term loan. Maintaining healthy cash flow is a crucial challenge for any small business owner, regardless of the industry their company is in. Terms typically range from one to five years, which is a relatively longer repayment structure than most other online business lending solutions.

How much a business can borrow depends on credit ratings, sales revenue, type of loan, and lender. As mentioned above, choosing a small business loan starts with determining how you'll use the funds. The terms of small business loans depend on the type of loan you get for your business and may be specific to a merchant's particular agreement with their lender. The Small Business Administration (SBA) partners with financial institutions to guarantee loans to small business owners. SBA 7 (a) loans for working capital and machinery and equipment generally have a repayment period of 5 to 10 years (which should not exceed the useful life of the equipment).

Like long-term loans, short-term loans provide initial financing that you can repay in installments over time. To do this, you must choose a business financing term that aligns with your current and future cash flow needs. Before you apply for a secured loan, we recommend that you carefully consider if this type of loan is the right choice for you. If you can't make the payments on a secured personal loan, you could end up losing the assets you provided as collateral.

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